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The 1st Eastern Business ForumOn 25th and 26th June 2015 the representatives of the Town of Lukow took part in the 1st Eastern Business Forum in Lublin, during which they presented Subzone Lukow of Tarnobrzeg Special Economic Zone EUROPARK WISLOSAN. The Town of Lukownwas represented by the Deputy of the Mayor of Lukow - Mr Marcin Matenko, the Head of the Promotional Department – Mrs Anna Kicinska and the Head of Investments Department, Mr Krzysztof Fornal.

In the Forum there participated, among others: representatives of the national administration, chambers of commerce, national and regional associations of employers, economists along with businessmen from Poland and foreign countries.
During speeches, debates and expert panels, the guests could appreciate advantages of the Lublin territories as an attractive place to run a business. The participants of the Forum took also parts in study visits in the largest firms of the region.

The organiser of the Forum was the local government of Lublin Voivodeship along with Lublin Foundation for Business Support and International Cooperation.

Source and photo: www.lukow.pl