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A Sound Investment!
Łuków Subzone
in the City of Łuków
Łuków Subzone
in Łazy


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Conference dedicated to investing in Subzone LukowOn 14th and 15th May 2015 there took place a conference dedicated to investing in Subzone Lukow and promotion of Lublin territories in Lukow. Its participants – the wast majority businessmen including Ukrainian ones – had a chance to become acquainted with Subzone Lukow as well as with rules of investing in it and possibilities of supporting for businesses in a new, financial perspective.

After the conference's hosts performance – the Mayor of Lukow Town, Dariusz Szustek and the Voyt of the Lukow Commune, Mariusz Osiak - principles of the project called "The Promotion of Lukow Subzone of Tarnobrzeg Special Economic Zone", of which a conference was a part, were introduced by a coordinator of the project, Anna Kicinska. The director of Industrial Development Agency PLC in Warsaw Branch in Tarnobrzeg /, Michal Slezak, presented a topic, important for everyone, who is interested in investing in TSSE EURO-PARK WISLOSAN – a matter of procedures of permits' issuing and investments' deposit in TSSE EURO-PARK WISLOSAN. An important voice of discussion was a speech of a member of the European Parliament, Krzysztof Hetman. He described the issue of an economic potentiality of Lublin territories, paying a huge attention to a necessity of promotion of their advantages, including investment areas. Representatives of Lublin Agency of Supporting for Businesses in Lublin acquainted the participants with perspectives of supporting for businesses as an issue of The Regional Operational Programme of Lublin Voivodeship 2014 -2020. Another guest of the conference was also a director of the Industry Agency, Aleksandra Magaczewska, who presented a problem of activities taken by the country to develop investing in Poland. However, the leading issue of the conference was Subzone Lukow TSSE EURO-PARK WISLOSAN. Despite of listening to the presentation dedicated to the Lukow Subzone, prepared by Krzysztof Fornal from the Town of Lukow Council and Edyta Katarzyna Kuc from the Lukow Commune Council, the participants had a opportunity to see the Subzone. That is one Subzone, but located in two different places: one in areas of the town in Strzelnicza Street; another one – in areas of the Commune, in Lazy. The area in Lazy has been partly sold as two companies run there – Sierociuk- Kazana-Sierociuk Przedsiebiorstwo Produkcyjno – Handlowe STOK-ROL Sp. j. – a steel construction producer and Luksja Sp. z o.o. – a female clothes producer. The director of Luksja Company, Zofia Zuk as well as the co-owner of STOK-ROL company, Arkadiusz Sierociuk were talking about their experience of investing in the area of the Subzone and then, they showed the participants around their workplaces. Another speech was given by an Italian, who runs a business in Poland – a representative of the company POLDAN L. Monicelli R. Smania Sp. j. Rino Smania along with by a co-owner of the POL-OWOC Sp. z o.o., which is run in the Krasnik Subzone TSSE EURO-PARK WISŁOSAN, Wieslaw Pysniak. The first of the speekers presented a topic: international experience of running a business in Poland; the other one presented his own experience associated with investing in areas of TSSE EURO-PARK WISLOSAN, encouraging at the same time businessmen to make similar investments.

Among the participants who came to take part in the conference there were many representatives of businessmen both Polish and Ukrainian ones. The Ukrainian guests came with the Mayor of Baranivka Town, Anatolij Duszko. Apart from businessmen, there also took place other participants of the conference including: a Senator of the Poland Republic - Stanislaw Gogacz, a councilman of the Lublin Voivodeship Regional Council - Krzysztof Gluchowski, councilmen of the Town of Lukow and the Lukow Commune.

A Conference was the final stage of the project: "The Promotion of Subzone Lukow of Tarnobrzeg Special Economic Zone", implemented by the partnership of the Town of Lukow and the Lukow Commune.

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Project co-financed by the European Regional Development Fund under
the Regional Operational Programme for Lubelskie Voivodeship



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