Powiat Łukowski

The city of Łuków and the Łuków Commune are located within the Łuków County in Lublin Province, in the Eastern part of Poland, near the border with Ukraine and Belarus. Location is one of the basic advantages of the Lublin region, which is a good place for investors who want to work in the vicinity of the Eastern markets. The main sectors of the economy of the region are the following industries: construction, wood, furniture, mining and machinery.

The city has over 30 000 residents and the commune over 17 800, which accounts for 45% of the total population of Łuków County.

The local authorities of the City and the Commune create favorable conditions for the development of already existing and newly emerging economic entities. The City has more than 2 350 businesses and the Commune more than 800.

Main economic activity are individual businesses.


1. Road infrastructure

Infrastruktura drogowa

The road system in the City and the Commune includes four categories of public roads: national, provincial, district and commune.

National roads play an important role in the communication system due to their functions in transit. They are also the main vehicular roads through Łuków.

These include:
road No. 63: Siedlce - Łuków- Radzyń Podlaski
road No. 76: Garwolin - Stoczek Łukowski - Łuków

Provincial roads are:
road No. 803: Siedlce - Stoczek Łukowski
road No. 806: Łuków - Trzebieszów - Miedzyrzec Podlaski
road No. 807: Żelechów - Stanin - Łuków
road No. 808: Łuków - Wojcieszków - Serokomla


Distance from the selected cities in Poland: Distance from the selected border crossings in Poland: Distance from international airports:
- Warsaw – 120 km
- Lublin – 100 km
- Kraków – 350 km
- Poznań – 428 km
- Terespol (Belarus) – 93 km
- Hrebenne (Ukraine) – 240 km
- Dorohusk (Ukraine) – 153 km
- Ogrodniki (Lithuania) – 310 km
- Warsaw – 120 km
- Świdnik near Lublin – 120 km
- Kraków – 350 km

2. Railway infrastructure

Infrastruktura kolejowa

Lines of international importance run through Łuków:
- Moscow - Warsaw - Berlin (passenger)
- Frankfurt - Pilawa - Łuków - Brest (goods)

An international railway trail Berlin - Moscow connecting Western and Eastern Europe runs through Łuków.

3. Technical infrastructure


The length of the water supply system in the Łuków Commune is 201.33 km, and the sewerage system is 209.93 km.

The length of the water supply system in the city is 83.04 km and sewerage system is 85.18 km.

In the Łuków County there are high-voltage lines of 110 kV and 220 kV. Three large transformer stations are located in Łuków, Stoczek Łukowski and Krzywda.

High pressure gas pipeline Żelechów - Łuków - Siedlce runs through Łuków County.